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  • 11 August 2017

    Invisible world – a fashion collection by Ewa Polkowska, young Polish designer and illustrator was presented as part of the Future of Fashion show during the spring/summer edition of the CIFF and Copenhagen Fashion Week.

    Once again Polish designers were participating at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and CIFF Fashion Fair. A collection designed by Ewa Polkowska, graduate of Kolding’s School of Design, was presented as part of the prestigious Future of Fashion show on the 9th of August. The show was organized by the Design School of the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the School of Design in Kolding in cooperation with WEAR/Danish Chamber of Commerce, Danish Federation of Fashion and Textiles and Kopenhagen Fur. It gathered numerous representatives of media and the world of fashion. Ambassador Henryka Mościcka – Dendys congratulating Ewa Polkowska stressed that she was “impressed by the talent, creativity and determination of young Polish fashion designers, whose collections draw attention at every Copenhagen Fashion Week edition”.


    The inventive collection of the young Polish designer was designed of innovative textiles such as recycled plastic bottles, old clothes as well as milk fiber. It’s motto “Invisible world” is inspired by “the inner beauty of everything surrounding us and being not visible to our eyes”. Sophisticated aesthetics, bright colors and clothes that accentuate the body shape are the characteristics of Ewa Polkowska designs.


    Ewa Polkowska is a fashion designer and illustrator. She graduated with a bachelor degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. Later she completed her master degree at the School of Design in Kolding. More information to be found here:


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