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  • 9 August 2017

    “Violinissmo”, a concert dedicated solely to violin music will take place as part of this year's Rudersdal Sommerkoncerten Festival with the participation of two Polish musicians.

    Four renowned violinists from Northern and Central Europe join forces to present the power of this inconspicuously-looking instrument. In the beautiful surroundings of the monastery in Høstkøb (Vor Frue Kloster) classical pieces by J. S. Bach will be played together with contemporary works by Poul Ruders and Rafał Augustyn. Each of them was selected to present the wide spectrum of sounds of the violin.


    Two Polish violinists will perform during the concert – Marcin Markowicz and Szymon Krzeszowiec. They will play together with Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä and Christine Pryn, Finnish and Danish musicians respectively. Christine Pryn is also the organizer of the festival and it’s artistic director. The most interesting part of the concert will be the performance of “Cycylic piece No.1” by the Polish composer Rafał Augustyn by all four musicians. They will be individually located in different spots of the monastery courtyard, thereby creating the impression of the audience of being surrounded by sound.


    At this occasion Mr Szymon Krzeszowiec will be awarded the Danish-Polish Friendship Prize, an award granted yearly to those who work for the strengthening of Polish-Danish cultural ties.


    The concert programme:

    J.S. Bach  Adagio from sonate in g-mole BWV 1001, (1720)

    Lera Auerbach „Par.ti.ta” (2007) 

     Marcin Markowicz „Jako-Witz” 

     Rafał Augustyn “Cyclic Piece No. 1” (1986) 

     Poul Ruders “Variations” (1989) 

     Eugene Ysaye “Sonate for two violins” (1915) 


    Sunday, 13 August 2017, 3:00 p.m.

    Vor Frue Kloster, Høsterkøbvej 5, 3460 Birkerød


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    More info about the concert here (in Danish)

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